Greyhound Derby 2021 Round 2 – Maestro Looks Music To Punters Ears

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The second round of the derby gets underway on Friday evening with live coverage on Racing post Greyhound TV from 6pm. You can also watch online on

Outright favourite Native Maestro goes at 20.14 and looks to have a plot draw in Heat 4 and whilst backers won’t get rich at around the 4/6 mark he looks to have every chance of following up on his opening round success in Heat 27 where he clocked a 29.10 when making all.

His chance looks to have been made easier with Bettys Book drawn next door in trap two who went markedly right from the boxes in the opening round and has been given a derby lane 4 by the RPGTV team.

19.16 500m Star Sports/TRC Events & Leisure English Greyhound Derby 2021 2nd Round Ht1 1 Ballymac Kingdom (L Dowling, Ire) 2 Jaguar Macie (G Rankin, Monmr) 3 Signet Ace (K R Hutton, Towc) 4 Glengar Bale (m) (P Buckley, Ire) 5 Newinn Jacko (m) (G E Evans, Romfd) 6 Auxerre (w) (O G Shields, Ire)

19.34 Ht2 1 Kilara Lion (P Janssens, Towc) 2 Ropewalk Bhoy (N J Hunt, Romfd) 3 Dualla Prince (J L Mccombe, Donc) 4 Icaals First (m) (J G Mullins, Towc) 5 Luna Rocket (m) (L Field, Monmr) 6 Beach Avenue (w) (P Hennessy, Ire)

19.54 Ht3 1 Swift Cope (P D Burr, Yrmth) 2 Hopes Doggy (C Jackson, Newc) 3 Anynamewilldo (T C Heilbron, Newc) 4 Bubbly Magnum (m) (P W Young, Romfd) 5 Ballymac Ariel (m) (L Dowling, Ire) 6 Chasing Turkey (w) (D W Lee, Cryfd)

20.14 Ht4 1 Native Maestro (G D Holland, Ire) 2 Bettys Book (K P Boon, Towc) 3 Ballymac Fairone (L Dowling, Ire) 4 Kameko (m) (G D Holland, Ire) 5 Gymstar Elusive (m) (C R Akers, Sheff) 6 Perrysblueyedboy (w) (P Janssens, Towc)

20.34 Ht5 1 Coom Leo (P Buckley, Ire) 2 Romeo Magico (G D Holland, Ire) 3 Bockos Belly (P Janssens, Towc) 4 Luminous Socks (m) (P Cronin, Ire) 5 Warzone Tom (m) (E Mcnair, CPark) 6 Glenlara Mac (w) (G A Ferguson, Unatt)

20.52 Ht6 1 Little Emir (G Carmichael, Newc) 2 Shelone Milo (P D Burr, Yrmth) 3 Bramble Toby (S Anderson, Newc) 4 Magical Silas (m) (K R Hutton, Towc) 5 Soul Warrior (m) (P Marchant, Unatt) 6 Drumcrow Brent (w) (M A Wallis, Hnlow)

21.09 Ht7 1 Gaytime Milo (G D Holland, Ire) 2 De Machine (B Matthews, Ire) 3 Angry Dad (P Cronin, Ire) 4 Ferndale Nidge (m) (J Gray, Notts) 5 Adeles Duke (m) (L Field, Monmr) 6 Jumeirah Sprite (w) (D Calvert, Donc)

21.26 Ht8 1 Duke De Janerio (R G Gleeson, Ire) 2 Knocknaboul Syd (P Buckley, Ire) 3 Queen Beyonce (E Mcnair, CPark) 4 Springwell Sully (m) (A M P Collett, CPark) 5 Frankies Jet (m) (G A Ferguson, Unatt) 6 Badminton Conor (w) (G A Griffiths, Towc)

19.16 500m Star Sports/trc Events & Leisure English Greyhound Derby 2021 2nd Round Ht9 1 Ballymac Slapup (J G Mullins, Towc) 2 Notouttheway (J G Mullins, Towc) 3 Sweep The Yard (G D Holland, Ire) 4 Hilight Arkle (m) (R P Rees, Hove) 5 Bull Run Norris (m) (P Buckley, Ire) 6 Jaguar Fury (w) (A R Keppie, Hove)

19.34 Ht10 1 Boylesportsbingo (P Hennessy, Ire) 2 Drumdoit Bruno (P D Burr, Yrmth) 3 Deadly Missile (J E Meek, Monmr) 4 Coney Wonderland (m) (J D Davy, Sheff) 5 Queen Dolly (m) (E Mcnair, CPark) 6 Unlock Unlock (w) (B Matthews, Ire)

19.54 Ht11 1 Forest Gold (K R Hutton, Towc) 2 Lights Out (K R Hutton, Towc) 3 Jacks Solution (P Janssens, Towc) 4 Sparta Master (m) (S L Thompson, Towc) 5 Bandicoot Sammy (m) (R G Gleeson, Ire) 6 Pacemaker Ted (w) (T C Heilbron, Newc)

20.14 Ht12 1 Roxholme Sheikh (H Keightley, Sheff) 2 Minglers Popeye (S G Tighe, Newc) 3 Drumdoit Bomber (P D Burr, Yrmth) 4 Lenson Bocko (m) (G D Holland, Ire) 5 Brynhall Allstar (m) (G A Griffiths, Towc) 6 Priceless Jet (w) (P Hennessy, Ire)

20.34 Ht13 1 Jonno You Go (N J Hunt, Romfd) 2 Aussie Captain (P Janssens, Towc) 3 Newinn Session (G D Holland, Ire) 4 Bodhis Bullet (m) (A J Taylor, Hove) 5 Shelbys Memory (m) (A J Dunn, Monmr) 6 Lightfoot Brogan (w) (M C B Collins, Hove)

20.52 Ht14 1 Ballymac Wild (L Dowling, Ire) 2 Toolmaker Sydney (R G Gleeson, Ire) 3 Great Name That (L Dowling, Ire) 4 Faughan Rebel (m) (R F Yeates, Hove) 5 Shortwood (m) (J R Hall, PerB) 6 Swift Addition (w) (J G Mullins, Towc)

21.09 Ht15 1 Tenpin (D Mullins, Romfd) 2 Deerjet Sydney (P Buckley, Ire) 3 Great Eastern (K R Hutton, Towc) 4 All About Ted (m) (P Cronin, Ire) 5 Bubbly Jubbly (m) (P W Young, Romfd) 6 Troy Firebird (w) (D Mullins, Romfd)

21.26 Ht16 1 Droopys Addition (G E Evans, Romfd) 2 Feora Max (P W Young, Romfd) 3 Cold As Ice (m) (J J Fenwick, Newc) 4 Savana Domino (m) (G A Griffiths, Towc) 5 Chelms Prince (m) (N J Hunt, Romfd) 6 Thorn Falcon (w) (P Janssens, Towc) Free Bonus at Betway Welcome Bonus Offer Betway
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