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Review Of Beth.bet

By Puntfair Billy

I have been a horse racing punter for over 40 years, sometimes successful, sometimes less so. I have for the last quarter of a century done my own tissue and in the main bet entirely off that, and overall, it has served me reasonably well. But the horse racing game is forever evolving, and I am fortunate enough to have some younger friends who are professional punters, and in the last decade I have heard them increasingly talk about models and algorithms. The days of prices being decided by pencil and paper are long gone, there are complex machines producing numbers that are too good and too consistent for the man armed with just the Racing Post and a fluorescent marker pen in hand.

All the above led me on a meandering journey of trial and error with various models, websites, and algorithms, during which time I dabbled with some that were half decent and others that were barely palatable for a horse racing enthusiast. My journey is now over, the destination has been reached, it is time to embark and time to embrace Beth.

Beth.bet is a website that uses advanced mathematical techniques to provide bet suggestions on horse races. The site is easy to use and there are numerous parameters that can be tweaked to suit the user’s needs. For example, there are an array of bookmakers available to choose from for Beth to recommend bets for. If you have a Bet365 account and a horse is 7/1 there, Beth may choose to suggest the bet with 365 but not with Paddy Power who may be 11/2. The user can let Beth know which firms to recommend bets with, which is very handy, as in this day and age very few serious punters have working accounts with all firms. Minimum and maximum price recommendations are another excellent feature, whilst I’m happy betting anything from 1/5 to 100/1 if I make it value, many other punters prefer to leave the extreme ends of the spectrum alone. There are numerous other settings that can be fiddled with as you attempt to give Beth the information suitable for your own personal betting style, and once Beth knows what you want, Beth very much starts to deliver.

I was enjoying a successful first week with Beth.bet, still doing my own tissue but doubling the size of my bets if they matched with Beth’s. Then sometimes I was following Beth blind, and occasionally disagreeing and leaving the algorithm’s selection alone. I’m a creature of habit these days and certain stable gambles and jockey bookings don’t fit my criteria but essentially, we were working in tandem, man, and machine together, the perfect combination to beat the bookies. Then came the day that confirmed Beth was to be in my punting life for a long time to come. Friday, Oak’s Day at Epsom and the rain started lashing down on The Epsom Downs with a ferocity that was trying to turn the rolling green carpet into a muddy soup.

Punters are used to dealing with going changes, and so it was I started altering my selections in my head, but before I could even make the first stroke of my quill Beth was on it. I glanced at one of the 6 monitors I use daily, it was the one Beth resides in, and my heart quickened faster than Dubai Millennium is his prime. Beth having interpreted the course conditions in a mesmerizingly sharp time was producing recommendations on horses suited by more cut in the ground quicker than I ever could. It was then I knew I was not just looking at a website, I was looking at my punting future.

This tiny snippet of information from Beth highlighting the mudlarks just prior to ITV Racing going live was a Deja Vu moment for me and something I’ve got more accustomed to over the years, through experience, thus prompting me to quickly close my own trades on top of the ground horses for flat before they barged in the market, probably paying for my Beth subscription for months to come in the process. It also allowed me to stay focussed for the rest of the day knowing it was the correct call to make.

Beth recommends placing a minimum of twenty bets a day as by spreading your selections far and wide the more stable your profits should remain, by taking out some of the volatility. Price is everything and Beth gives you that. When it comes to the staking I tend not to bet more than 2% of my bank on any given selection or use a Kelly Calculator to ensure my staking stays within line.

I tend to keep the entirety of my bet and often punt Beth’s selections each way depending on the size of the field. However, if you are prone to arbitrage, trading positions on the exchanges or spread betting then Beth is almost certainly for you also. If you have a wide selection of bookmaker accounts then Beth will offer up an absolute smorgasbord of arb opportunities, pumping them out in a relentless fashion that even those with spellbinding mouse dexterity will struggle to keep pace with. Indeed, many would argue Beth has been designed specifically for those who tread the arbitrage path but given I have seen its benefits as a more traditional punter and trader alike then this highlights what an excellent product the Beth team have designed. In Beth.bet we have just found a game changer.

Beth.bet is not free, it would be remiss to even consider that a possibility for a product of this class. There are a range of pricing packages available, but should you sign up via www.puntfair.co.uk today then you can obtain a significant discount of 75% off which means you can trial Beth for just over a £1 a day for your first month. When you consider your daily Racing Post will probably set you back nearer a fiver next week for the Royal meeting you won’t need me or any algorithms to tell you that this is cracking value for money and a must have tool to have in your armoury.

Sign Up Here: Using the code PUNTFAIR75 at checkout to receive the discount.