Secret Diary Of A Punting Mole – Week 1

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Diary – Week 1

Passing the time of day with my Puntfair pals and the question was posed “How are you are getting on with Beth?”, twenty years ago that question would have referred to the previous weekend’s escapades.

These days I am generally serious about punting and punting alone and answered truthfully “It’s been a good two weeks “I thought nothing more of it until …………………….

Team Puntfair have been asked to share our experiences of using BETH with the world, as I was the most experienced, I felt obliged to share my pain and joys with the rest of the world, so here goes.


I had already had a call from the BETH team regarding my experiences and they agreed that my time of using BETH (9-10am) was possible a strong time,  my logic is there is a lot of sharp money trying to get on and I felt with BETH I would have my best chance of spotting it and as I don’t start gambling personally till later in the day this was free time in my day (remember you aren’t obligated to use it at any time other than when it seems fit to you) .

I want to lay out my plan before I went to war so here is my plan (and some thinking thrown in)

• Minimum odds 5/2, personally do not bet horses below 4/1. I Will monitor this and adjust accordingly.

• Everything win only, with my volume of bets I do not wish to confuse matters it makes my life easier for settlement purposes and feel this is my best approach.

• Maximum 2 horses in a race, I do not want to end up committed to 5,6 times my stake in a race.

• I want to bet 30 horses a day, I want a slow steady approach and feel this will give me the best chance or I will bet until 10am whichever comes first.

• My stake is going to be £20 a bet, this is all about what you are comfortable betting with for me I will be betting £600 a day which I get most will not be comfortable with but for me it is something that is affordable to me.

• I have set the settings to bet a horse no more than twice, I am trying to spread my bankroll as thinly as possible but still do not want to miss a better bet if BETH throws one up.

On the morning ill decide which bookmaker’s filters to use, I get we all have problems with the enemy, and I will try and vary my attack when time permits. I plan to attempt using BETH “on the go” next week and hit a few betting shops, I want to try and give you all an idea how best BETH can be tailored to suit your punting.

Onto the nitty gritty – Wish me Luck! X

Day One – Monday

Nervously I am awake at 7.15, I promised to write this blog and did not want to oversleep, needed a shower, cup of tea and the A-Team on the go. Mentally particularly important to be in the right frame of mind before I got stuck in, I knew the action was going to come at me thick and fast and I know the most important thing was to ensure that the bets were struck as quickly as possible.

Today I was going to go with Bet365, and William Hill I had loaded each with £300 (thanks Andy for your help 😊) one problem I later discovered it I needed to balance both accounts because I am working on the mistaken belief, I would place bets in and equal 50/50 split between both bookmakers.

Also, I had already decided I was going to bet even if I missed a price, I quite literally want to bet the next 30 horses I see, I will review this data and adjust where I see fit, at the end of the day I am working for myself here and its down to me to get the best out of my shift.

I am not going to make this a big list of bets I want to make the boring bit as interesting as possible; I promise.

I bet 28 horses in total today.2 NRs, 3 Winners

  • Elvic 4.00 Leicester kept finding for BETH followers under a prominent Hollie Doyle ride at a juicy 10-1 EP.
  • (SP 7-1) with the outlay this was a nice moment getting back a chunk in one go.
  • Pontefract 5.45 No Nay Nicki won at 5-2 (SP 5-2) hey I told you 5/2 was my minimum price lol and it softened the blow on the day.
  • Pontefract 7.15 Ventura Express won at 7-2 (SP 5-4) these were the ones I am looking for on BETH a good old fashion smash it on job in the morning.

A 14-1 second (Starchant 4.45)at Lingfield touched 1.6 IR that would have rounded the day off nicely, as I set up the “I love it when a plan comes together” pun with my A-Team reference earlier it is unfortunate I end day one in the red but remember patience is a virtue.

Better luck tomorrow X

Stakes £560, NRs +£40, Returns £380, Daily P+L -£140. 

Day Two – Tuesday 

To keep consistent, I was awake at 630am, showered, Tea to get me through the morning and kicked on some Wu-Tang Clan on Spotify to show the world I mean business, kept the same accounts on my settings and went straight into battle.

Hills prices went very quickly I had to miss a couple of selections out as I’m trying to bet a 4/1 shot and the hills price changed 3 times within 60’seconds, Bet365 remained firm in all prices and really showed why they are top of the tree for me.

I managed to achieve my bet target of 30 so a hefty £600 outlay today.  

Beth put her up (I presume it is her?) as a double stakes selection today I bet Inexplicable twice (Wolverhampton 2.20) at 11/1 and 9/1 and rather wonderfully it got up in the shadows of the post under a Cam Hardie drive. The SP was only 11/2so another great shout from team BETH. This was a very sterling start indeed and went a long way in settling the nerves.

Rolling onto the 310 Beth put up Exitas at 16/1 who duly bounced back to form at the grand old age of thirteen under a confident Tabitha Worsley ride that despite a slight error at the second last drew away to win by 8L with head firmly in chest and obliged for BETH followers., smashing the SP (17/2) and assuring profit on the day at such an early point of the day. Watching trainer Phil Middleton’s interview afterwards whilst refreshing my balance had me welling up as well – Don’t you just love this game!

Not all champagne and skittles the 345 brought us Isthebaropen 12/1 (SP 5/1) and I felt like I needed the bar as we got outbattled and chinned late hitting a low of 1.29.

We had a stream of places (Real Terms 7.00, life on the rocks 515 to name just two) I am not one to dwell on the failures more of a glass half full kind of guy.

Modular Magic 645 winning at 5/2 (SP 5/2) ensured we recouped for this spell and put us into profit overall. 

Over and Out X

Stakes £600, NRs +£20, Returns £850, Daily P+L£270.

Profit to date +£130 

Day 3 – Wednesday

No rolling out of bed early and meaning business today, a couple of days so far and consistent results have meant I have not really had any sweats regarding financial damage, been a little unlucky to date and this sent me in a calm zen like state for today’s actions.

How @&$&*%^ wrong was I!

A rare watch of a race in the Fontwell 210 – Beth took 12/1 about Rintulla (SP 5/1) which was in the process of running a stormer and hit a low of 3.2ir before being out battled for a place.

Yarmouth 405 Rabat 4/1 (7/2 SP) and Luke Morris got out battled in the final furlong after looking all over the winner (1.51 IR) and Blue Bower Kempton 7.00 5/1 (16/5 SP) hit a low of 1.28 made my previously mellow mood go right out of the window.

But we are beating the price near enough every time. I did get knocked back on a couple ofoutsiders’early morning -2 x 25/1 shotswererestrictedbut the best the pair could muster was 4th so luckily it did not cost me but I’m not sure backing big prices in novice hurdles or any Emerald Isle action before midday is being appreciated by every firm.

Onto the winners –

  • Haydock 3.10 Pivone 4-1 (SP 10-3) did the business nicely for us.
  • Fontwell 4.30 Midnight Soldier 12-1 (11-1 SP) wins the lucky last.
Midnight Soldier (near left) winning the Fontwell Bumper

  • Haydock 1.25 Mandoob 3-1 (6-4 SP) justified its support in the market when landing the opener.
  • Gowran Park 1.45 London Royal 3-1 (2-1 SP) stayed on nicely to oblige in the first.
  • Stakes £640, Returns £520,, Daily P+L -£120.
  • Profit to date +£10.

Day 4 – Thursday

Made a conscious decision to watch all races using the betting in running prices on Betfair today, thedisappointment of Yesterday is behind me and its might be its less likely I am going to kick my phone across the living room this way.

First of note was Ubahha in the Yarmouth 2.35- BETH had delightfully flagged this up at 9-1 and it went off 4-1 hit sub 1.5 before only mustering third a kick in the knickers to start proceedings!

Luckily that disappointment was short lived as ten minutes later as in the Nottingham 2.45One-Night Stand (which was a double selection from BETH) and since I had bet it at 11-2 and 5-1 duly gave it an Oi Oi as he booted clear to do the business by 4.5 lengths. The starting price was only 10/3 so that ensured a victory cup of tea and a smile that we had kicked on for the day.

Nottingham 3.20 brought more success as the next hero to come out the pack was Sendacard to complete a double for trainer William Jarvis and Silvestre De Souza. Despite being driven some way out she really knuckled down to get the better of her rivals. A small R4 meant we ended up with a 6/1 winner but still beat the (SP 9/2).

A couple of seconds that looked odds on IR dampened spirits for a brief period but that all changed when

Maralinga got the better of a blanket finish at a tasty 14/1 (SP 8/1) in the Leopardstown 6.20.

Be Lucky – More tomorrow X

Stakes £600, Returns £710, Daily P+L +£110.

Profit to date +£120.

Day 5 Friday 

Today was COVID jab day and an intended day off the Puntfair team insisted this was an opportunity to show Beth’s capabilities on the move.

Fantastic I thought, more pressure and more things to worry about and there I was firing out the bets in the car park of the COVID central. 

Anyway, the bets took about 20 minutes, and I did manage to stick to my usually structure of betting every bet from 9am.

Druids Altar was a double up selection in the (Clonmel 4.10 so I helped Myself to plenty of 6/1. Despite being smashed off the boards we were unable to reel in long-time leader Arvico Bleau, going down by half a length. And with the SP return of Even Money, I felt like I needed another shot in the arm!

Another kick in the teeth worth a mention was Raflot in the Goodwood 8.10 who we got on at 18/1 hit sub 1.8 before fading out the placings.It feels like we will hit a monster monster day soon and I am just waiting for that day to happen.

Anyway, the winners on the day

Empire De Maulde 650 was a double up selection and under a confident Brian Hughes ride asserted between the last two fencesto score for us at 7/2 (SPalso 7/2)

Gabriel the wire gave us some success on a tough going day when getting up by the narrowest of margins to take the York 435 by a short head. 16/1 (SP 16/1)

Considering myself a tad unlucky today.A few bad beats cost us dear – better lucky tomo X.

Stakes £600, Returns £520, Daily profit and loss -£80.

Total so far +£40

 Day 6 Saturday

So, the day of stress is upon me, never seem to win Saturdays and now with the added warm horses from Beth on my punting day this is a recipe for disaster, do I bet more as there are more meetings or do I not change a winning procedure? 

Oh, the decisions, after much early morning deliberating and half an eye on the profit and loss for the week I decided to treat a Saturday like any other day.

Firstly –

I won money on a Saturday if personal punting were anything to go by it was more likely that my beloved Spurs would win a trophy this year that I would emerge from a Saturday with a profit but hey £240 it was.

With a risk of sounding like Phil Hellmuth my bad beats were horrid and virtually 50% of my horses run a decent race. I do not wish to dwell on this as I am in party mode with my profit fuelled Saturday so a quick summary of the day (and week as I’ll rarely play a Sunday is in order)

My winners were-

2.35 York – Baashir 13/2 (bet twice) this returned 9/2 I was just tucking into a slice of cake as this horse hit a 100 IR, I turned the race off and gave up the ghost,pleasantlysurprisedwhen I checked minutes later to see Jim Crowley had somehow managed to re-rally and get back up on the line. Result!

York 450 La Trinidad 4/1 (SP 4/1) another one that went large in running before pulling out more under Jason Hart to win.

Chester 3.55 Roman Dragon 13/2 (SP 7/2) Richard Kingscote bags the rails and gamble landed as Roman Dragon repels all.

Hexham 2.55 Itsnotyouitsme 5/1 (SP 5/2) kept finding in front under Ross Chapman to put another winner on the board.

Bath 345 Temple Bruer 11/4 (SP 13/8) came from last to first under Saffie Osbourne to give us more success.

Leicester 715 Embolden 11/4(SP 2/1) came from last to first to get the better of both his rivals in a tactical battle.

Other news: Exitas that won for us @ 16/1 on Tuesday has just gone in again at Worcester, with retirement to look forward to.

Stakes £600, NRs £40, Returns £800 Daily P+L £240.

Profit for week 1 £280 

Week 1 Round Up

Think I will pull up stumps for the week now as it is important to get some down time and I never feel the Sunday racing is what I need in my life. By the time I have done my weekly figures it isnormally time to take the dogs to the beach and relax.

£280 profit for week 1.

Summary of Week 1

ROI is an 8% return for my money which is very encouraging as I struggle to make 3% on other sports during the course of the season and it could easily have been more when you consider how many horses we had trade so short in-running on the exchanges.

Another pleasing factor was apart from my initial two deposits of £300 to both my accounts on the Monday morning prior to racing I didn’t have to do anymore deposits for the rest of the week.

I will be attempting to use Beth on the move during Royal Ascot and will be hitting some local betting shops so I can report back to you all on the experience that I will gain.

Stay lucky. 

Puntfair Billy

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