Secret Diary Of A Punting Mole – Week 3

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A Secret Diary Of A Punting Mole

Week 3 Day 1

Monday 21st June

BETH and I are now going steady as we move into week three and we are incredibly pleased with the results, no real disasters and £756 up so it has gone way better than I anticipated. So, I will kick straight on with the action. I was back in the land of the living and raring to go at 9am even if I did feel I needed another holiday to get over the excursions of last week. Maybe I am getting too old for these Jolly Boys’ outings trips with the lads!

What a ghost town it was though as I settled down to view the mornings market movers, those of you that have been paying attention will know I was only planning to give BETH my undivided attention between the hours of 9-10 or until I hit 30 bets (whichever came first). This is a time when a lot of the runners will hit the shops and the money shifters will be aiming to get on, so I thought a good time to spot any lively business.

The start of the week is often quiet and with no Royal Ascot on this week – this was proving no different. BETH was only willing to suggest a dozen bets in the time I normally find thirty bets. I felt slightly deflated as I preferred the security of 30 bets and I felt by spreading it wide and far it was safer, and I would take out the volatility so the fact that I only had 12 bets might have left me slightly exposed as the afternoon’s action was getting underway.

I settled down for the days races and realise that Eden Collonges is a NR, great down to 11 bets.

“He who dares Rodney!” I thought to myself.

I had it in my mind that a real sinking feeling was about to unfold with less selections than normal.

Oh, what a fool I am!

First bet of the day was in the Southwell 2.40 where Beth had put up Percys Word, I availed myself to some 7-2 in the morning. We found the value but were no match for the Good Dr Newman’s Wicked West (Evens Fav) and could only manage second (11/8). Ok we got the money in right just not the right result. I can take those on the chin and move on when we beat the market by so much.

Less action meant more tea drinking and I had a 30-minute wait for the next bet which come in the shape of Just Once in the Southwell 3.10.Nick Scholfield was happy to sit in rear for most the way round before making his move up the rails four out. We are now tanking along, taking a pull on the turn but still lying sixth. Waiting for the gaps to appear as Layerthorpe kicked off the bend causing slight concern, but Nick Scholfield quickly sets dead aim and after a quick slap of the wrist the quirky mare responded to get up on the line to win a shade cosily. Boom!

Beth has got us rolling again!

After a celebratory round of Hob Nobs and Gravy Bones me and the dogs settled down for the Chepstow 3.30, where Beth had put up a double selection in the name of Crema Inglesa, so there was a maximum bet of £40 at 11-2 riding on this filly. This was the strongest selection of the day according to Beth, so me and the dogs watched with interest. Would we mostly be eating steak or mince this week was the vibe I was getting from Molly and Buddy?

Drawn twelve of twelve we saved ground as the field all headed across to the stand side rail and at halfway, we were mid-division still going at a canter. Three out as Saffie Osbourne got lower in the saddle but no immediate response and a sigh from Buddy as it looked as if sirloin was off the menu.

Then in the blink of an eye as we approached the furlong marker the penny finally dropped as the filly came in between rivals and despite drifting slightly was able to win 3/4L.

Another Beth winner, again beating the 4/1 starting price and putting us £220 in profit for the day.

Steaks back on the menu – Mange Tout Rodney!

Chepstow 4.30 and Attys Edge was another 11/2 selection on the Beth radar, and it did not look great for followers when he got slightly restless in the stall. Driven at halfway and being rousted along he really responded well to William Cox’s urgings and outbattled his rivals in the closing stages to score.

Attys Edge had rounded off my best day yet and all the doubts of “I’m due a bad day” vanished and really had me running on full confidence.

I always said less is more 😊.

Stakes £240, NRs £20, Returns £530, Profit £310

And after only three weeks the trial breaks the £1000 barrier!

This time next year Rodders!

Stay Lucky

Billy X

Week 3 Day 2

Tuesday 22ndt June

Right, I am not going to lie to you, but these early rises are beginning to take their toll and I think now that Beth has won me a nice few quid, I am thinking of booking a summer holiday anytime soon to recharge the batteries – I just need to make sure said destination is as green as Beth’s P&L over the past few weeks.

With us hitting over a grand profit on Beth in just three weeks the green shoots to recovery are most definitely on the horizon – If only I had Beth at the start of lockdown!

I have swerved the early morning markets of late because it has taken a toll on my accounts in the past so Beth’s impressive stream of recent results has made me somewhat scared of logging into them today.

I need not have worried as unlike the dodgy each way races or Irish Maiden Hurdles I foolishly played early online in my youth Beth seems to find selections in the more competitive races and I am good to go.

Using the tried and trusted Bet365 and Hills accounts was my main mode of attack, I placed the bets in a stealth like matter then I walked the dogs on the beach while listening to some old 80s tunes on my Walkman for best part of an hour.

Military style precision for me ensured that 29 horses were bet in my time slot and now that I am freerolling I do not have to worry so much about the outlay.I also have grown in confidence in Beth and now have enough profit behind me to handle any kind of drawdowns.

Onto the Action, 2 non-runners mean I needed to win £540 today to break even and I did not have to wait long to get one on the board in the Beverley at 1.15 where Dark Moon Rising was the recommendation.

I or should I say we as I feel using Beth we are working more as a team. We got some 5/1 on Kevin Ryan’s colt in the opener and by the time they get to post he was a 7/2 chance.

A very shrewd stable especially when the money arrives but I kept to my staking plan, as this is a long-term project.

As per his debut run at York last month when running green, we fluff the start and are quickly rousted along, the dogs leave the living room in a hurry as I mutter some expletive!  But by the time we take the turn Shane Gray has gently nursed us back into contention. Passing the two-furlong marker 5/2 chance Power of Beauty takes up the running but our boy is slowly learning his trade and unleashes a late run down the centre to land the spoils, getting up by half a length. Touch!

A few losers followed and a slight lull in proceedings brought us back down to earth by the time we had settled down to watch the finale up at Ayr at 4.50. Beth surprised me a tad here by suggesting we take some 6/1 about Jim Goldie’s Gleniffer when looking at the form figures and seeing he had not broken his duck in twelve attempts. Quick glance at profit and loss column and thought best not to ask questions.

Even Molly and Buddy suddenly perked up for this 7f race as after a few furlongs Paul Mulrennan was still sitting motionless on board Gleniffer as they approached a furlong out and in a matter of strides, he had put the race to bed for a cosy success. With the starting price of 11/4 this was a great shoutout by Beth to follow some proper lively cash in and put £260 in the return’s column for the day.

And there was no more complaining to follow because as soon as I had that winner in the can there was another and the cherry on the cake was it was a double up selection, so I had twice as much on James Tates’s Show yourself in the last at Beverley.4-1 and 7-2.

Stefano Cherchi made good use of his low draw (2) and bounced out to make the running and with form over six furlongs kept up the pace to make it a real test of stamina, drawing away in the closing stages to record a 3.5L success.

 I wish I kept a record of my double up bets because I am beginning to feel like these are worthy of a slightly raised stake.

Anyhow this meant I had another £190 back in the bank so my returns stood at £450 for the day and I could relax thinking that this day was going to turn into another successful one.

The Beth word is getting out and a few of my pals in my punting network are seeing if they can top my successes with a small wager on the side for good measure, Mike and Stuart I thought I would squeeze this mention in. Loser on the month gets a free ruby and beers so at least one of you is in for a free meal – Lol.

So, at this point I would have settled for one more winner on the day and that is exactly what I got!

The sexy part of that sentence was it made my double up selections 2/2 on the day.

Charlie Fellowes Deputy was carrying the double stake ammo in the Newbury 7.00 and despite a slow start was always travelling smoothly under James Doyle. Switched off and getting plenty of cover before switching stand side to deliver a smooth run from two out for a comfortable 1.75L success.

We were on at a tasty 11/2 (SP 3/1) which meant we finished the day with £710 returns. A profit of £170 on the day!

Good work Beth

Stakes £580

NR £40

Returns £710

Profit £170

Be Lucky Billy x

Week 3 Day 3

Wednesday23rd June

Confidence is a funny old thing, if things were not going so swimmingly, I would probably still be in my pit now, but I am raring to go today and even writing this before the Beth Radar alarms go off!

I do need to find more time to start watching the races again and making notes rather than just refreshing my exchange button frantically like a kid in an amusement arcade playing Track & Field 100 metres. Lately I have become more clinical in the way I handle the punting side,which is probably a good thing, but I do not want my love for the sport dwindling.

The bets come through from Beth at a steady pace for a quiet Wednesday afternoon’s racing and I am just one shy of my 30 target.

29 Bets placed with an outlay of £580.

2 non-runners meant £40 returned.

Salisbury 1.35 and Beth liked the look of Just Glamorous in the Veterans Handicap over the minimum trip. I took some 9/2 early and my confidence grew as it got nearer race time as not only had he shortened in to 3/1 but he was sporting some rather snazzy red socks, the sort you might wear if you were pitching in The Den to impress The Dragons. This boy obviously meant business I thought to myself! Last to load and then the stalls burst open, and we are slow to stride (probably too busy admiring his socks) but David Probert does well to maintain a position on the rails with his urgings. Two out as the race hots up and they approach the drop away and our fella sees some daylight and whoosh we power away for a decisive 2L success. Boom!

Salsbury 2.45 Johan 7-1 under Tom Marquand pulled it out of the fire to give Beth fans another winner. Talking of fire someone got their fingers well and truly burnt in-running as William Haggis’s Johan rallied to get back up on the line, having been matched on Betfair at 600 IR. Ouch!

We beat the 5/1 SP with this lovely, priced winner which meant I was halfway to parity.

Worcester 4.20 and here Beth had stuck up Nicky Henderson’s Global Society @ 13/2 as a double selection.

Nico De Boinville set out to make the running with my hard-earned doubled staked wager and as they approached two out the petrol gauge was flashing but somehow Nico got one more tune out of him and he responded to pressure to hold on a length.

I copped half a point BOG with 365 which was a small bonus.

Carlisle 5.15 Gometra Ginty 5-1 (SP 9-2) was another that came up twice on the Beth radar and the line came just in time for us and Callum Rodriguez as the mare having made all clung on, all out to hold on by a head. Phew!

Today was beginning to look like a flipping monster of a day!

Kempton 6.10 Sayifyouwill 6-1 gave us even more success as the first-timecheek pieces worked the oracle as she came with a late rattle under Rob Horrnby to collar outsider Evening Song on the line. The winner’s SP was 3/1 so a lovely touch for team Beth and her followers. Boom!

A lengthy delay to the Nass 7.00 did not dampen the mood and proved well worth the wait as Beth came up trumps once again, this time in the shape of Mother Country as a double selection. Billy Lee was always travelling well tracking the leaders before producing her late with a perfectly timed run down the centre of the track to score.

We were on at 9/2 beating the (3/1)SP yet again and I was now wishing I had also done a double up multiple!

Onto results

Stakes £580, NR £40, Returns £1170, Profit £630

Lovely Stuff!

Billy x

Week 3 Day 4

Thursday 24th June

Interesting summary for today, this is a real-life example of how we should all be shopping around as a punter as we have a plethora of choices out there and we need to get the best value every time.

I really want to concentrate on a particular result here as this was a monster swing for me and cost me a lump.

So, £540 outlaid on the day (27 bets) bar two NRs left 25 horses running for me.

The race in question was the Nottingham 3.10 where I had bet the Alice Hayes-trained Muhalel at 10 and 9/1. Although this was a double up selection, it drifted like a barge come post time out to 28-1 which gave me slight concern. I just hoped it was mug money forcing the price out and reading too much into the fact he had recently left the Willie Haggis yard having been claimed after winning a Leicester Claimer at the start of the month.

On to the race itself and a modest pace is set for the first few furlongs. Kieran O’Neill gets more serious in the saddle from halfway as the race develops into a sprint. Matamua leads by a length approaching the furlong market, with our boy Muhalel (stand side) and the held-up jolly, Dickens trying to come in between horses. As they cross the line it looks desperate but referring to the exchange betting on the photo it looks as if we have won it on the nod.

Excitedly I refreshed my 365 balance and indeed it shot up to £580, went across to Hills and nothing settled. So, I quickly

(And nervously) went to Belfair and I noticed that a steward’s enquiry had been called and we were 3.0 (2/1) to keep the race. Ok I knew 365 was double result but I was not sure about Hills so I kept refreshing the balance and checking my statement, I could not help but notice that there was not a Best Odds Guaranteed plastered on the slip. Quickly called a friend and he confirmed that Hills best odds starts at 10am. Great that has cost me £380 so not ideal but still in the back of my mind all the major firms pay double result I thought so at least potentially I was looking at a £780 haul from the race. I was wrong! and as the klaxon announced the placings had been reversed and poor old Muhalel had got chucked out I was then hit with a proper kick in the pants because Hills have their “own version” of first past the post and it is basically a refund of stake. If I had bet them both with 365 then I would have earnt £1060 back on the race but instead I am only looking at £580 do not get me wrong a fantastic result with Best Odds and the Official result on my side but still I could help but think what if!

I never managed to see the head on, but the eventual winner never appeared to stop riding, so I felt we were cursed here in more ways than one.

Not that I let this dampen my spirits (much) but we had some consolation in the Newcastle 5.30 as Miss Nay Never bounced out from the gate and kept on gamely to do the business for us at 10-1 (SP 10-1) and that cheered me up a little as were now firmly in front for the day.

I had also bet the Richard Hughes-trained Appellation in the Leicester 7.15 – This was a double staked selection from my mate Beth, so we snapped up some 9-2 (SP 15-2) with both Hills and 365 in the morning.

It was no surprise to see our Nottingham winner from last week Eponina cart her way to the front to make the running and she was still in front at the furlong pole, but this was when our filly knuckled down to get up in the dying strides, giving William Buick a treble in the process.

A quick punch of the air and then it suddenly dawned on me that My Hills wager would not be paid out in BOG as it was prior to 10am so on top of the £580 I have cost myself another £60 on top!

If I had placed my bets with a BOG firm or shop and a double result bookie, I would be a further £640 up on the day – that was a hard pill to swallow!

We still managed to finish the day on a high as Beth gave us Prospect in the Leicester 7.45 at a tasty 15/2. By off time the money had poured on and the Mark Johnston’s three-year-old was 11/4 favourite. Franny Norton managed to get plenty of cover early as they went a steady clip on before galvanising the jolly with a late run to score and finally get off the mark.

Another fantastic day for me and team Beth and even with the bad beats and unluckily demoted second Muhalel along the way we return with a healthy profit of £750 on the day.

Stakes £540, NRs £40, Returned £1250, Profit £750

Not too Far!

Billy X

Week 3 Day 5

Friday25st June

The alarm was set early for Friday morning at 7am as I have promised fellow punting pals, I would give them a guided tour of my new office set up and more importantly how I use Beth in the mornings and which settings I prefer to use.

The clock radio bursts into life with the Philip Oakley and Giorgio Moroder’s 80s masterpiece Together in Electric Dreams and I am slowly coming round, not before I get a flash back of yesterday’s stewards enquiry debacle at Nottingham. Maybe the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony should have been first on our play list I think to myself!

I quickly remind myself that Beth has put me a few gibs in front in a matter of weeks, so I need to put that result behind me and move on.

Met at Scotty’s for a spot of brekkie as planned and then it was back to mine just before 9am to follow Beth and watch the early morning market unfold.

The slight problem with this rare and random act of kindness of mine was we were obviously matching much slower than normal as I was demonstrating all the various settings that Beth offers. We probably also ended up betting more horses at the bigger prices today compared to normal as playing with the filters which is fine, but I prefer to not go such a long time in between drinks as a norm. None the less we matched 16 bets during the allotted time frame.

With 2NRs we had invested £280 for the afternoon.

As this was a rare chance to catch up since lockdown, we decided it only best to watch the racing at the local, Kings Head.Unfortunately bar the happy hour there was not a great deal to celebrate, much as I had half expected with a smaller sample size compared to normal and at bigger prices, we could only manage a few placed horses despite the majority beating the SP.

Stakes £320, NRs £40, Returned £0, Profit -£280.

I remind myself that I am still well up on the week, and we go again tomorrow.

Others news – Ride Of The Week!

One ride surely worth a mention on Friday evening came in the opening event at Newcastle as Ben Curtis nursed Crack Regiment to get up on the line to score despite dislocating his right shoulder in the final furlong. Take a bow Ben lad!

Keep Pulling!

Billy X

Week 3

Saturday26th June

After yesterday’s shenanigans I was up early, settings needed checking (I will thank one of the rogues from yesterday for adjusting them later) but I believe they are going to sign up on their own now thankfully. Saturdays are always manic these days, so I wanted to knock the bets out as quickly as possible.

30 bets on in 36 minutes that has got to be a record for me, £600 outlaid with 1 Non-runner meant I had £20 in the return’s column.

Onto the day itself…

Charlie Fellowes goes down a neck at Chester having hung right and been drawn seven of eight at a double figure price (9/1 SP) and we are left wondering if a lower draw would have made all the difference to us getting off to a flyer on the day?

One of five double up selections today with the first going for us in the consolation race for the Northumberland Plate in the shape of Roger Varian’s Zeeland. Under Andrea Atzeni and with a first-time visor on we were always travelling well tucked in mid-division on the far side. This was a step up in trip to two miles for the first time so I was hoping we would deliver our run as late as possible, but I need not have worried as we quickened right away to land the Vase by 2.5L.

Normal service resumes for team Beth as we bag an early winner which was somewhat reassuring after yesterday.

I must admit paranoia from the previous day had started to creep in, but I should not have worried as Beth then rattled off a quick-fire double in the shape of the gambled-on Master Zoffany (purple colours) who was an impressive winner at The Roodee when quickening as the gap finally appeared, to reward Beth followers at 6/1 (4/1 SP)

Quickly followed by Hurricane Lane in the Irish Derby as William Buick gathered in Lone Eagle and Frankie Dettori to get up by a neck in the shadow of the post to score for us at 11/2 (4/1 SP)

A colossal gamble at Donny completed the winners for team Beth as Marco Botti’s Silver Samurai under an uber confident Marco Ghani ride landed the opener. We were languishing out the back of the field until halfway, then Marco made his move, he switched the horse right 3f out and asked him to go and win his race, the response was almost immediate and in a matter of strides I felt we were going to pick these up with ease and boy did we, we strode out to an easy length and a half success returning 7/2 in the offices.

This BETH user got 17/2 early doors in the morning!

Stakes £600

NR £20

Returns £680

Profit +£100

Week 3 Round Up

Week three has been our best week to date and ironically it was largely thanks to a selection which was later demoted but luckily for us we had bet some with Bet365 who pay first past the post as well as official result.

Wednesday and Thursday proved our most successful days and more than made up for the disappointment of Friday. The ROI of 63% is bit flattering as it was largely thanks to the drift on the unlucky Muhalel but we are not complaining.

We are now up £2436.66 long term with a ROI of nearly 30% ROI over 3 weeks.

All The Best

Billy X