Secret Diary Of A Punting Mole – Week 2

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A Secret Diary Of A Punting Mole

Firstly, for those of you that are reading this for the first time I will give you story so far.

Re-Briefing I had already had a call from the BETH team regarding my experiences and they agreed that my time of using BETH (9-10am) was possible a strong time, my logic is there is a lot of sharp money trying to get on and I felt with BETH I would have my best chance of spotting it and as I don’t start gambling personally till later in the day this was free time in my day (remember you aren’t obligated to use it at any time other than when it seems fit to you) .

I want to lay out my plan before I went to war so here is my plan (and some thinking thrown in)

• Minimum odds 5/2, personally do not bet horses below 4/1. I Will monitor this and adjust accordingly.

• Everything win only, with my volume of bets I do not wish to confuse matters it makes my life easier for settlement purposes and feel this is my best approach.

• Maximum 2 horses in a race, I do not want to end up committed to 5,6 times my stake in a race.

• I want to bet 30 horses a day, I want a slow steady approach and feel this will give me the best chance or I will bet until 10am whichever comes first.

• My stake is going to be £20 a bet, this is all about what you are comfortable betting with for me I will be betting £600 a day which I get most will not be comfortable with but for me it is something that is affordable to me.

• I have set the settings to bet a horse no more than twice, I am trying to spread my bankroll as thinly as possible but still do not want to miss a better bet if BETH throws one up.

On the morning I will decide which bookmaker’s filters to use, I get we all have problems with the enemy, and I will try and vary my attack when time permits. I plan to attempt using BETH “on the go” next week and hit a few betting shops, I want to try and give you all an idea how best BETH can be tailored to suit your punting.

And the real story so far £280 profit for week 1 ! 

Week One’s Totals Showing an ROI of 8%

Read All About Week 1 Here

Onto next week (Week 2) – I plan to spend a few days away with punting friends so I will be on the move for the week and decided that I would spend the time “In Shop” and see how BETH rolls out on the move.

Monday 14TH June 2021 – Week 2

Bright eyed and bushy tailed I made my move, ensuring my balances remain at the right level would be tricky as I am away for the week so decided I needed my funds in the right places, so I stuck to the trustworthy Bet365 to get myself on.

They did not disappoint I managed to get on in record time and got myself 30 bets in 34 minutes (A new record)

First bet on the day was at Lingfield in the1.35 Passion and Glory 3-1, and it was a rare bet the night before for me, so I was pleased to see BETH come for it and so I topped up.

Under a confident Oisin Murphy ride, he tracked the leaders before quickly breezing past rivals off the turn to score by four lengths. (SP only 6/5).

Beth Knew!

This ensured I was in the right frame of mind, so I decided now was a good time to start my journey from Bristol to Manchester.

Chock-a-block on the M6 So I did not manage to watch the torrent of BETH winners live, but the afternoon unfolded as following :

· The sweetheart of the silver screen Betty Grable under Joanna Mason became the sweetheart on my RacingUK screen in the Carlisle 4.15–BETH suggested I snapped up some 8-1 about this little mare and having been dropped out last in the early stages, she kept on gamely to the line to hold on by half a length.

Betty knew!

But BETH you might become my favourite leading lady yet at this rate with an SP of only 5/2

A few minutes later over at Lingfield in the 4.20 and Kim Wexler (5/1) managed to battle back to regain the lead on the run in to win a shade cosily by 1.5 lengths to make it Saul Goodman on the day (go on Google her name Lol)

 Over in Ireland at Gowran Park in the 4.30 Duquesa Beach bounced out under Siobhan Rutledge to make every post a winning one. Having snapped up some 9-2 in the morning this was a sweet success as the SP was only 9-4

Gamble well and truly landed!

Hats off to the BETH!

Carlisle 5.20 and Daniel Tudhope on board Arranmore, took up the running a furlong out to give us another winner, 7/2 early doors beating the SP (5/2) once again.

Nice work again Monday was truly becoming my Funday.

I was now safe and sound in my hotel for the week (Village Hotels are great value FYI) just in time to see Merry Secret (stepping down to 6f) land the 6.20 at Nottingham. Putting his stamina to good use he rallied gamely under a Harry Russell drive straight down the middle of the track to score at 7-2.

Finally, to round off a lovely start to the week me and my new bestie BETH had Eponina in the Nottingham 8.20. I would love to say I watched this, but I was busy at the bar making Ascot viewing plans with old friends, slightly worse for wear.

Erika Parkinson made virtually all as Eponina kept on gamely in the closing stages to follow up on last week’s Haydock win – scoring for Beth followers at 5-2 to round off a solid start to the week.

Monday – Week 2

Stakes £600

Returns £770

Profit on day £170

Stay Lucky

Puntfair Billy X

Tuesday 15th June 2021

I woke with a slightly sore head and through no fault of my own things went slowly downhill from here. The plan was to lure my friend out of his pit early doors, get to shop, place bets and I would then treat him to a belly buster fry up before settling down to watch Royal Ascot unfold in the local boozer.

We then got to our first betting shop when disaster struck.

No Mobile Signal!

OKI had never factored this in as an issue but no problem I thought as it was still only 9.20am and I wanted to be complete by 10am as per my briefer, I thought I would walk around the block trying to find a signal.

Then the rain came down and still no bars so nothing for it as time was against us here, no other choice but to take a pull today and start again tomorrow.

Slightly annoyed as I was on a roll from Monday’s flying start but as I had already missed some selections and prices, I decided it best to pull the ladders up.

I did not want the uncertainty of knowing if I would be able to get on or not with the poor reception (especially when I was on a social visit) playing with my head and emotions and after all there was no need to force the issue when already +£170 from day 1.

I retired early to the Black Horse to watch the days racing and catch up with old friends, something I have not been able to do much of late and was still going strong by the time William Pyle rode his first winner of his career on Bankawi in the lucky last, over at Beverley. The landlord had a score on the lad and showed nearly as much enthusiasm as young William cheering him home and even got a round in. That must be a first? Cheers Chris

Be Lucky

Billy X

Wednesday 16th June 2021

Right, I had my game head on after yesterday and I was in a new shop at 8.30am, breakfast sorted and a cuppa on the go, I was in a Paddy Power, so I set up filters to Paddy’s, Bet365 and William Hill.

I was finding matching in shop just as easy as online today and was also being offered BOG and extra places at the Royal Ascot meeting as the market is so strong and the firms were competing for new customers. The smaller meetings where the market is obviously weaker in the morning was more hit and miss but I was not complaining as I managed to get close to the BETH suggested price so was still able to play near enough as normal.

30 bets were hit (I could not manage them all in my hour, so I placed 5 at 12.30) and the staff were a delight considering my constant returning to the counter frequently.

Onto the results for the day –

Uttoxeter 2.15 Misscarlet 15-2 (SP 7-1) stayed on strongly under Brian Hughes to romp home by 6.5L. Lovelystuff.

Uttoxeter 2.50 Marina Ocarina 11-1 (SP 16-5) landed a right touch and really displayed to me once again how impressive BETH can be in unearthing these gems early doors. Never a moments worry for supporters as Brian Carver took up the running two out, to score readily by 9.5L.

Hamilton 2.05 Qipao 10-3 (SP 15-8) Mark Johnston’s newcomer gets off to a winning start on debut –Gwaan you good thing!

Hamilton 2.40 Stronsay 3-1 (SP 6-4) It did not look like he was going to get there to me at one stage, but he dug deep to the joys of myself and some other bloke at the bar, giving Ben Curtis a treble on the day.

All 4 winners well-supported and 3 of these were smashed completely in the betting.

Stakes £600

Non-Runners £40

Returns £563.33

Profit £3.33

I am writing this after a week away,but I remember jotting down a few bad beats during the afternoon, but I finished drinking at 1230am and left my notes in a bar somewhere! Doh!

Be Lucky

Billy X

Thursday 17th June 2021

Thursday shall forever be known as an Extrodinair day in my book – My first port of call, a turf accountant in Oldham did not go down to so well as a lot of my bets including even Royal Ascot ones were being referred by phone. This was costing me valuable time and “cramping my style” as Del Boy would say.

I quickly hot footed it back to Paddy’s and completed my 30 bets, the blog is somewhat shorter this week, I did take my laptop to the hotel but never managed to have the energy or the soberness to type a single word on this blog. In unrelated news I did win a few quid at poker on this day, so this managed to put a smile on my face.

“If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you.” ~ Paul Newman

Results for the day

Chelmsford 3.20 – I took 25-1 about the rag called Extrodinair put up by BETH as a double selection and with three previous course wins looked a fair shout at a big price.

It was a case of every post a winning one as Cieran Fallon bounced out, set modest fractions before booting for home two out. I am not sure I have ever seen a 25/1 shot win so easily.

Royal Ascot 5.35 Surefire 7-1 (SP 5-1) held off the jolly Sir Lamorak by a diminishing neck to get Hector Crouch his first Royal Ascot winner in the King George V Stakes despite hanging towards the rails late on.

An enquiry was held to consider interference in this race following interference approximately 1½ furlongs out when the winner, SUREFIRE, ridden by Hector Crouch, interfered with NAGANO, unplaced, ridden by David Egan. Crouch was suspended for 3 days for careless riding for allowing his mount to shift right-handed away for the whip without timely correction, causing NAGANO to be taken notably off its intended line.

Approaching the final furlong, PARACHUTE, placed third, shifted slightly left-handed away from the whip which resulted in SISKANY, placed fourth, ducking sharply left-handed contacting and carrying NAGANO, unplaced, and the winner, SUREFIRE, off their intended lines. After viewing a recording of the incident, it was found that no riding offence was involved and it had not improved the placing of any horse.

On the run to the line, SIR LAMORAK (IRE), placed second, which was hanging despite the rider’s best efforts, shifted right-handed resulting in MILITARY MISSION (IRE), unplaced, being carried off its intended line. After viewing a recording of the incident, it was found that no riding offence was involved, and it had not improved the placing of SIR LAMORAK (IRE).

We had played with firms and shops that offered the double result so were already getting the beers in when the dreaded klaxon sounded.

This result put us and Beth in profit for the day – Boom!

Weighed in, Weighed in!

 Chelmsford 2.10 Royal Dynasty 10-3 (SP 9-4) competed a fourth Chelmsford success, but I missed this race at the bar but my pal Malc was in earshot and noisily oi oiing it from a long way out so I will presume I did not have to sweat much!

Checks result later….

Official Winning Distance: A Head!! ❓😕

Had half a dozen other horses all trade short on the exchanges according to my squiggles but that did not put a damper on the day as BETH had won us over a bottle with a 36% ROI.

Keep Pulling!

Stakes £600

NRs £40

Returns £763.33

Profit £203.33 Lovely stuff!!!

Friday 18th June 2021

Final punting day of the week as I was travelling home tomorrow so I was hoping to continue the upward momentum and I was not too fussed with a short week as I had been delighted with the results so far – let’s hope we can end on a winning note!

It had been a long week, drinks flowing as was the racing talk, it was fun and everyone in my circle enjoyed the racing and managed to back a few winners thanks to Beth.

Results for the day

Redcar 2.40 Titan Rock 17-2 was a double up selection from BETH that did the business for us having been held up early with cover before coming through under Jason Hart to win a shade cosily.

Market Rasen 1.10 Lady Babs 9-2 was an interesting double up selection from BETH as she had already been the subject of a huge overnight gamble from around 12/1. She had caught my eye on her last run at Southwell, but I was worried the rain might come and not help her chances. I was happier to play on the day now Beth had given me the green light. A furlong out it looked like the eventual second Fancy Shapes had the race won with a 3-4 length lead over the last, but she is as game as a pebble and got up on the line to land the gamble.

Keep Pulling!

Stakes £600

Non-Runners: Ripon was abandoned so £100 refunded.

Returns £600

Profit £100

Week 2 Round Up

Week two has proved a success even if I was not fully compos mentis all the time. Juggling my punting and social events have always been best kept apart in the past but with the help of Beth I have managed to do both and show a profit of £476 on the week at the same time.

Turnover was slightly down largely due to the fact I was on the road, but I did not have to make further deposits from the Monday, and we finished week 2 with no losing days on the week and a weekly ROI of 21%.

Week Two’s Totals Showing an ROI of 21%

Bye for now.

Puntfair Billy X