Our Review Of Beth.bet

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What is beth.bet ?

Beth is a state-of-the-art AI-based horse racing prediction tool that will change the way you think about horse betting. At the heart of its system lie powerful algorithms that implement mathematical probability laws on arbitrage situations. Beth checks, in real time, many important factors, like horse pedigree, history, track conditions and even weather reports.

The result is unprecedented accuracy in horse racing prediction. Beth recommends, with measurable success, winning horses, especially underrated ones. Its advice will lead to a profound change in your betting patterns, with better insights and increased chances of profit.

Video preview from Beth explaining using the site and saving Horse Racing bets

What do Puntfair think of beth.bet ?

Beth.bet instantly grabs your attention, slick, sleek and very well designed it oozes class from top to bottom. There are many glossy websites elsewhere that lack substance, this is not one of them. If the exterior is professionally presented, then the interior is a magnificent cauldron of whirring cogs spitting out bets with serious aplomb. This site can be used by the novice punter, exchange traders, spread bettors and is a must for any aspiring pro and as a must-have tool for those already at the top of the game. If you bet on horses daily or even weekly this is an essential addition to make room for on a separate screen, thus making sure you don’t miss the plethora of market moves that appear on Beth throughout the day.

Strongly recommend.